How much time does it take to replace a roof?

A residential roof replacement typically takes 1-2 days on average.

What roofing material should be used on my roof?

At Thunderstruck Roofing & Restoration we recommend using a 50-Year Asphalt Shingle, we believe this to be the most effective cost efficient option for your home.

How much will roof restoration cost?

The average cost of two thousand square foot residential roof would be $8,000. If your roof qualifies for a replacement through your homeowners insurance policy, you as the homeowner are only responsible for the dollar amount of your policies deductible.

How long will an asphalt roof last?

The average lifespan of a roof with Architectural Shingles is around 25-28 years. The newer shingle technology manufactured in today's market, including the 50-year shingle, you may begin to see the lifespan rise to 30+ years.

What is the threshold of damage to my roof for a full replacement from the insurance company?

In this scenario your roof would have to have been victim to an extreme weather event such as Wind or Hail. If such is the case the insurance company typically wants to see 7-8 wind-damaged shingles per slope to grant a full replacement, or 10 hail hits in a hundred square foot area on each slope.

Should I use felt or synthetic underlay?

At Thunderstruck we recommend using a synthetic underlay, first because it is recommended and encouraged by the top shingle manufacturers, and second it is a lighter stronger product that will help minimize the overall weight of your roofing system while also providing a less tear resistant product in the event of a weather that may cause the loss of shingles and expose your sheathing.